Women and Muay Thai

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Muay Thai i.e. Thai Boxing is a national combat sport in Thailand that uses various stand up and clinching techniques. This is characterized by the use of fists, elbows, knees and shins which is why it is known as the the “art of eight limbs”.

Traditionally, females were not allowed to take part in Muay Thai boxing which originated from superstitions that a female presence may reduce the boxer’s skill causing injuries. These superstitions however, became less and less common as time passed.

Now there are many women’s boxing matches which have gained a lot of popularity and there are many professional young female Thai fighters.

Women’s Muay Thai boxing is the same as Men’s Muay Thai boxing with the same intensity and thrill although there are some match rule differences. For ex. the five round matches that men fight have three minute rounds with one minute breaks. By comparison women’s matches have two minutes with two minute breaks.

Muay Thai Boxing has come a long way in Thailand and now women’s boxing which was once banned due to superstitions is now a permanent feature of the sport. If you are woman interesting in practicing Muay Thai then grab the best women’s boxing gloves and get started.