Basic Muay Thai Techniques

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If you are just starting out with Muay Thai then you may be very intimated with the vast amount of techniques that this Thai combat sport offers. While Muay Thai can go very in-depth you don’t have to be a master of the advanced skills just to get started.

All pros start with the basics and the same applies for everyone who want’s to learn Muay Thai either as a sport or for their personal fitness.

The basic techniques to master would be Kicks, Knee Strikes, Punches, Elbow Strikes, Blocks and Clinching. There are many different techniques for each of these. For ex. Kicks include Kradot Te – Which is a Jump kick, Te Chiang – Which is a diagonal kick.

The more in-depth you wish the go the harder this gets but the basics of all the essentials like kicks, punches, elbow strikes etc are beginner friendly.

Another important aspect of getting started with Muay Thai is making sure you have the right gear. This does not have to be anything fancy but you should also not skimp on the essentials. Mouth guards are one such product and we have curated a list of the top mouth guards to make your choice easy.