Traditional Thailand Muay Thai Camps

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Muay Thai has become very popular internationally now but Thailand still remains the best place for this combat sport. While you might have to search for a good trainer or workshop for Muay Thai in your country, If you live in Thailand you’ll see that there are much more options available. Thailand hosts thousands of training camps which you can find anywhere in the country.

Many traditional camps are often related to a temple but another kind of camp that you will find is one related to military. Boxing is an key part of military training in Thailand. There is a wide variety of camps to choose from but you will be happy to know that equipment like jump ropes is often standardized so the tools you need to train at one camp will often be the same kind found at another camp.

Some Traditional Muay Thai camps in Thailand have also started accepting foreign students so now many more people can get a chance to train at one of these traditional camps. There are even special services like English speaking instructors.