Best Women's Boxing Gloves

Best Women’s Boxing Gloves 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Everlast Pro Style 2. Flower Leather 3. Sanabul
Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves Women's Flower Leather Training Gloves From Hawk Pink Boxing Gel Boxing Essential Kickboxing Training Gloves From Sanabul

In general, women are compared to everything soft in the world, such as flowers. On the other hand, men are compared with the hardest things. In reality, women, in many instances, are stronger than men. It is because of this mental strength of women; nature has blessed them with the ability to get through the phase of childbirth. When this is the case, why should women go for the boxing gloves made for men?

We need to thank to some manufacturers who have made the best women’s boxing gloves! Some manufacturers feel that some attractive floral designs and a pink hue can make boxing gloves for women. But, in reality, women need more. Now that you are into boxing, you might be thinking about how to find the best women’s boxing gloves. Before we explore the best ones, you should understand why the boxing gloves for women should be different from that of men:


Why Should Women Get Different Boxing Gloves As Compared To Men?

It is quite natural that you get this question on why women should get different boxing gloves from that of men. Here are some reasons that you will accept as the right:

1. Women Have Smaller Hands:

On average, women have smaller hands as compared to men. So, you should not go for a unisex or a pair of gloves designed for men.

2. Women Have Rounded Fists Than Men:

If you have noticed, you might have found that the hands of men are squarer. On the other hand, women have more rounded fists. The gloves should be fitting for you to provide better protection. This should happen than the gloves that make your hands move inside.

3. Women Have Shorter Hands:

As the hands of men are generally very long, the fingers of women might not reach until the end of the gloves when they use the gloves designed for men.

The thing to remember here is that women need gloves that are shallower. Some brands make smaller gloves that are designed especially for women. The idea here is to find such a brand to ensure the utmost comfort in your boxing sessions.

Factors To Consider When Looking for the Best Women’s Boxing Gloves

It is quite natural that you will be interested in knowing the factors to consider choosing the best Women’s Boxing Gloves. Let us consider the factors under two main categories. They are construction material and comfort features to consider.

1. Construction Material:

As you know that the construction material used in the gloves can decide the comfort you can get when you use the boxing gloves. Here are the choices available when it comes to the material used in the making of boxing gloves for women:

a. Microfiber:

Most boxing gloves for women are made either using leather or synthetic leather. However, some brands also use microfiber material in building the gloves. The reason is that this material can absorb the sweat, thereby keeping your hand comfortable. Also, this material is softer compared to leather. But, the problem with this material is that it can wick moisture from the hands of the wearer. Indeed, some users will feel the moisture-wicking action to be enticing. But they should wash the microfiber gloves frequently as compared to leather and synthetic leather gloves. Only then, it will be possible to get rid of bacterial growth and odors.

b. Synthetic Leather:

Previously, for making gloves, synthetic leather was used. It has come a long way from the easily-shredded material that was commonly used in the 80s and 90s. When properly cared for, gloves with this material will last longer. But the good thing here is that it does not need the same level of conditioning and cleaning as real leather. A simple wipe down after every practice session, and once in a while, proper cleaning will do. Even though it lasts longer, it will not last that much longer as original leather material.

c. Leather:

Leather is still the most used material in making boxing gloves. Synthetic leather is slowly replacing the original leather. Still, some manufacturers continue to use original leather in their gloves. Even players look for gloves made out of leather material. They do this because of its longevity as compared to any other material.

Genuine leather will need some additional care and maintenance. But, it will last for years, if not decades. The biggest drawback of leather gloves is that it can cause the boxer’s hand to overheat. However, with the innovation in boxing gloves, this issue is resolved.

Now, you can consider one of these three options as one of the factors in determining the best boxing gloves for women. Let us now get into the comfort features you should consider when shopping for these gloves:

2. Odor Control:

You can control the odor that builds up in any sports equipment in many ways. But, nowadays, gloves are made to handle the odor control task. They can do this on their own without demanding user intervention. They do this by applying an antimicrobial solution to the lining of the gloves. Odor occurs due to the bacteria build up in certain materials. Antimicrobial solutions are used to kill bacteria. This will happen even before the growth of bacteria. But, such treatments will fade over with the regular use, and you will have to get it reapplied. But, you will surely get odor control by doing so. So, when you shop, check for the odor-control feature offered by the manufacturer. This is an essential feature you will find in the best women’s boxing gloves.

3. Ventilation:

Traditionally, boxing gloves were made in such a way that they were not breathable. This led to discomfort and even led to odor. Even in rare conditions, this can lead to skin conditions. But, thanks to the manufacturers! They are making modern-day gloves with proper ventilation. Otherwise, they use breathable material in their gloves. Even, some of them come with vent silts and mesh ventilation panels for airflow.

4. Padding:

Boxing gloves are meant for protecting the hands inside them. They also safeguard the surface that gets into contact with them. So, among the many, you should consider padding as an essential feature. In addition to ensuring your comfort, it will ensure your safety as well. Hitting any surface with bare knuckles is not safe. Even, it is not technically legal in the United States. The reason is that it can cause that much damage to the sport itself. This is where padding on boxing gloves gets into the picture. Most paddles are designed in such a way that they protect across the knuckles. They also safeguard around the back of the hands. These are a couple of points, where the fine bones in hand are likely to break during competition. Indeed injury happens even with padded gloves. But, the effect will be less severe as compared to an injury that occurs without padding.

Even though the padding is good, some boxers find it bulky. They also consider that it increases the weight of the gloves. But, nowadays, you will find lightweight models with padding. So, consider this factor as one of the comfort features when shopping.

5. Closure:

The closure used in the gloves is yet another factor to consider when shopping for gloves for boxing. Here are the closure options you will come across:

a. Lace-up:

A lace-up glove will be more secured with a single lace that will criss-cross your wrist. It should be pulled tight and should be tied around your hand. It is something like a shoelace. In this variant, the wrists will be padded better as compared to the other closure options. It is known to provide a more secure fit around your wrist. Also, gloves with this type of closure will have longer cuffs.

The lace-up glove coming untied is a rare occasion. When you use one with a Velcro closure, there is a chance that the Velcro will scratch either your or your competitor. But, the problem with lace-up gloves is that you will need the help of another person to wear it. So, this type of closure will take a longer time to put on.

b. Hook-and-loop or Velcro Closure:

As you can judge, gloves with this closure will have a Velcro patch. Some gloves will come with a couple of straps. There will be a tiny one inside of the wrist. Also, a larger one that will go around the wrist outside the glove to attach to the smaller part will be present. Velcro-closure gloves come in different designs and styles.

6. Weight and style:

These two are essential considerations when shopping for the right boxing gloves for women. Your weight and size should determine the correct size. The general sizing rule is that adults or youth under 120 pounds would train with a pair of gloves weighing 6-12 OZ. On the other hand, a fighter weighing 120-180 pounds will have to use anywhere from 12-18 OZ gloves.

In case you are sparring, in many instances, you will use a pair of heavier gloves that are stuffed with softer type foam. In case you plan for heavy bag training in boxing, you will need heavy gloves with harder foam. Medium and soft foam gloves are for training and sparring purposes. However, using them frequently against a heavy bag can make them wear out.

Now, you know the considerations in selecting the best boxing gloves for women. Now, we will explore the top 15 options available at Amazon for you to choose the best gloves for boxing:

Top 15 Best Women’s Boxing Gloves 2020

1. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves:

Everlast Best Women's Boxing Gloves

This product from Everlast comes in three attractive colors. They are black, pink and red. The C4 foam technology in these gloves improves your punching power. Even, it improved your grip while offering increased support and cushioning. The gloves also have ProTex3 Wrist Stabilization Technology System. This is for providing a superior tri-collar support panel. The gloves also give improved curved anatomical grip and fit. This product will protect your wrist against hyperflexion. This will ensure not just protection, but also comfort irrespective of how hard you hit.

Everlast warrants the brand’s products free from defects related to quality and materials. This warranty is applicable for 120 days from the date you purchase this product. The good thing about this glove is its natural contour to the shape of the thumb and the fist. The gloves permit better protection, control, and maneuverability. The wrists in these gloves are fully padded on both sides. This is offered to keep hands in the appropriate position when you punch. For additional support, it comes with a unique thumb-lock feature. These gloves come with a wide wraparound velcro strap.

The strap provides not just a comfortable fit, but also style. This happens apart from making the gloves easy to adjust. The product comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


2. Women’s Flower Leather Training Gloves From Hawk Pink Boxing:

Women's Flower Leather Training Gloves From Hawk Pink Boxing

These gloves from Hawk Boxing feature a floral design. These are high standard shock absorption boxing gloves, and they were machine molded. The Velcro-strap closing system in these pink gloves makes the adjustment easier. The product comes with relaxable fingertip protection. Also, the additional foam padding provides you the best wrist protection. You will feel these gloves with proper blood circulation. It is available in two different base colors- black and white, with pink floral design.

It has been made using premium synthetic leather, and to enhance your safety, it comes with the thumb lock feature. It has been double stitched for ensuring long-term use. The attractive hawk pinking, along with an assurance of Hi-Tech Performance, is added features. The breathable mesh panels make these gloves suitable not just for boxing, but also for Muay Thai for women.


3. Gel Boxing Essential Kickboxing Training Gloves From Sanabul:

Gel Boxing Essential Kickboxing Training Gloves From Sanabul

Sanabul has created this striking series called the Essential. The purpose of this model is to give you a professional pair of gear at the entry-level of your practice sessions priced affordably. These gloves will keep your hands snug and safe inside. The precise reason why we recommend this pair of gloves is that it pros have tested these gloves. UFC champions like Michael Bisping has tested these gloves for pro boxers like Mike Lee.

It has been built for hard use. So, it can withstand several kicks without any doubt. The pair will age well and will stay in your gym bag for several years to come. You will feel the impact and not the pain when you wear this pair of gloves. The reason is that the gloves are gel-infused. You will also get the best power in your punches with these gloves on.

This product comes with a sturdy hook and loop closure system. It means that you will not have to pull your punches for fear of your wrists getting damaged. Once you tighten the straps in these gloves, you are set for the entire session. The unique longitudinal arch design in these gloves will make you feel comfortable even after wearing for a long time. Moreover, the mesh palms will permit your hands to breathe when working your hardest.

Moreover, it will keep your hands cleaner and dryer. Sanabul has designed this product with the thought that style and size matters. So, you will get both met with this product from Sanabul. The product comes in different colors. But, the pink series with black as the primary color has been designed for women.


4. Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves:

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

This product from the Venum brand comes with a large Velcro enclosure with elastic. It will ensure a perfect and customized fit. It is offered as quality lightweight gloves with exceptional value for your money. The Challenger 2.0, this pair has been designed ideal for beginners to advanced users. The product is made using quality PU leather.

It delivers high-performance and higher durability usage. Moreover, triple-density foam offers superior shock absorption. This feature, apart from extending your training time, will also safeguard your hands. It is designed as an affordable pair of gloves without any compromise on quality. The product has been made using premium synthetic leather. Moreover, the breathable interior mesh in these gloves delivers greater durability.

The curved anatomical shape of these gloves is an added advantage. Fully attached thumbs and reinforced palms make sure about safe striking, and the velcro closure with elastic offers a secure fit. It also supports to ensure safety during intense training sessions. The unit has a high-performance design. It has an embossed Venum logo with a 3D touch effect.


5. Boxing Gloves For Women & Men From Donpandas:

Boxing Gloves For Women & Men From Donpandas

This 1.1 mm hydrolysis-resistance gloves from Donpandas improves functionality and durability. The triple-density foam with the lining of gel internally offers the ultimate protection. Also, it brings softness to help with injury prevention. The closure used in these gloves is a widened hoop and loop wrist strap. Its expanded wraparound design ensures smooth on and off mechanism.

Moreover, it has a comfortable fit and snug. This helps with getting rid of unwanted injuries and sprains. To ensure staying comfortable and relaxed, the air hole design provides breathability. It also helps with the regulation of body temperature. Only a few hours of airing can help with getting rid of the odor created by sweat, if any. Moreover, the product comes with a 30-day hassle-free returns and lifetime customer service.

The stitching is tightly processed and reinforced in these gloves. This is done to bring down the risk of tearing. The injection-molded foam lines to the normal hand band. This design is to ensure appropriate closure of the fist. Also, it offers superior shock absorption during punches. The thumb lock feature provides added safety, thereby improving confidence in training. The material used in these gloves is 1.1mm hydrolysis resistance PU leather. It is an ultra-soft and thickened material to ensure resistance to tearing.


6. Elite Sports Boxing Gloves:

Elite Sports Boxing Gloves

The pre-curved anatomic hand design in these gloves is an added feature. It ensures that you will not have to think about maintaining the right fist closure. It means that you can give a better focus to the sport without any distractions. The impact foam and the triple-density gel will provide better protection. This will help you with training harder to reach your goals. This product has been made using durable Maya Hide Leather.

As it is ultra-lightweight, the gloves are easy to maintain and clean. The gloves are offered in different sizes ranging from 10-14 OZ, and also different color combinations. Secure wrist closure can be adjusted with a stretchable leather wrist strap. It ensures easy on and off to prevent unwanted injuries and sprains. The product comes with a 3D cooling mesh. This feature helps hands to stay cool and dry with proper airflow and ventilation.

It has been designed for beginners and advanced users. It will stand to the toughest workouts without requiring a replacement. Elite Sports is highly confident that no other boxing gloves will help with the prevention of hand injury. This is because of the impact absorption foam present inside the strike zones of the gloves.


7. Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves For Men & Women:

Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves For Men & Women

This product from Trideer has been made using quality faux leather construction. This ensures excellent performance and durability. Further, it has been designed in such a way that you can easily clean and maintain it.

The adhesive liner in this pair of gloves is featured with a unique and professional design. The widened Velcro in these gloves adds better stability to the wrist. It will make you feel comfortable when you throw punches. The breathable mesh keeps your hands dry. The product has a pre-curved anatomic hand design. This design permits for appropriate fist closure and maintaining attention when training. The product comes with a 30-day lifetime customer service and returns without any hassle. The product has a waterproof design, and it has an easy-to-clean design. Further, as it provides excellent cushioning, it is comfortable to use.

The product has excellent cushioning qualities. The design will stand the test of time. It has been designed in such a way that it should not force your hand to shape in a specific way. It fits perfectly in your fingers, wrists, and hands. With hand wraps on, it is comfortable to wear. The material used in these gloves is hydrolysis resistance PU Leather. It ensures the better capability of resistance to corrosion, tear, and hydrolysis. The high foam has anti-chemical corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-seismic, excellent cushioning, and other advantages. It is non-toxic, and the soft cotton inner ensures better protection. This is for avoiding friction. The air holes in these gloves keep hands dry for the user.


8. Venum Contender Boxing Gloves:

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves

This product is made using 100% high-quality synthetic leather. This is for extended service life. For the perfect absorption of shocks, the unit comes with multi-density foam. For ensuring a secure fit, the large Velcro enclosure is used in these gloves. To bring down the risk of twisting, Venum has used the full-attached thumb in these gloves.

In these boxing gloves, the price rightly meets the performance. It has been engineered for durability. You can practice the perfect striking techniques with these gloves on. Moreover, it will help with progressing at your own pace. It will rightly suit boxing and fitness boxing practitioners.

The product comes with triple-density foam to ensure unparalleled shock absorption. In addition to safeguarding your hands, it will extend your training time. The large Velcro enclosure offers a secure fit. It provides wrist support for tough training sessions.


9. T3 Boxing Gloves From Hayabusa:

T3 Boxing Gloves From Hayabusa

The product quickly gets rid of sweat with the microfiber thumb. The four-layer foam structure in these gloves does not need a break-in. The product has been designed to deliver the best performance. The dual X-closure system offers a lace-like fit. Best-in-class wrist support delivered by the four interlocking splints in these gloves. They are provided at the rear side.
These gloves have been hand-crafted with the top-of-the-line engineered microfiber leather. It delivers superior tear, abrasion, and cracks resistance.

With the microfiber thumb, this product helps with quickly eliminating sweat. It can be used not just for boxing, but also for sparring, kickboxing, and heavy bag hitting. The product comes in different color combinations. Hayabusa assures that once you start using their gloves, you will quickly feel that this is how the boxing gloves should be. As far as protection is concerned, the product comes with impact force protection. This feature helps with safeguarding wrist alignment. Even, it provides wrist support. When it comes to quality, the product comes with multi-layer foam. It also has high-quality lining and microfiber leather material to give the best experience when using.


10. Boxing Gloves For Men & Women From Hawk Sports:

Boxing Gloves For Men & Women From Hawk Sports

Hawk Sports has designed these gloves as unisex gloves. It is ideal for training and professional punching heavy bag Mitts. The product carries a one-year warranty. This product reduces the chances of injuries to your wrists. It is because of the multi-layered V-Impact foam material. It is gel injected as well. It is a durable and high-quality sparring glove.

On the knuckles, this product encompasses padding that is extra-thick and foam based. Over the wrist-joint, this product comes with a separate padded block. It has a breathable pinhole palm that provides increased hygiene efficiency. It brings down moisture, thereby preventing bacteria and odors. It has been designed ideal for different sports, including boxing. The gloves come in different sizes, 8oz for kids boxing. The sizes 10 and 12 oz is ideal for training and mitt work.

The 14 and 16 oz sizes are suitable for sparring. The product will be friendly in every skin type.

The closure used in these gloves is hook & loop with Velcro. Premium synthetic leather is used in making these gloves. It has been designed as twice-sewed training gloves for boxing. The attractive hawk printing makes it favorable for women. One year warranty for functionality and durability is an added advantage. The seller assures of the utmost quality and the least price.


11. Elite Pro Style Training Gloves From Everlast:

Elite Pro Style Training Gloves From Everlast

Everlast has created this product with premium synthetic leather. With full mesh palm, the product brings the best comfort. The durable construction ensures long-term usage of the product. The product offers an enhanced, curved anatomical grip/fit. It has been antimicrobial treated for bacteria and odor resistance. The model number of this product made in China is 2308Y.

This Amazon’s Choice product is the best-selling Everlast product. It will stay with you for long, even if you train harder. This is due to its durable design and materials used in the making.


12. S4 Training Gloves For Boxing From Hayabusa:

S4 Training Gloves For Boxing From Hayabusa

In addition to the glove itself, this product comes with a kit that has hand wraps and a wash bag. With four different color choices to choose from, this is an essential glove for men and women from Hayabusa. It is ideal for combat fitness, fitness boxing, and bag work mitt work striking training. The foam has been injection-molded to the natural bend of your hand. The modest knuckle closure offers brilliant shock absorption when you punch. To ensure a perfect fit for every user, the product comes in different size choices. The size of the smallest gloves is 12 OZ. The medium and large gloves are sized at 14 OZ and 16 OZ, respectively.

The wrist-wrap boxing glove comes with a single-strap Velcro Strap. It also has an elastic adjustment. For better support to intense training sessions, the unit comes with a single splint wrist support. This is durable boxing equipment due to its PU Leather construction. Moreover, it contains nylon lining along with breathable mesh palm. You can use it for a longer period without any replacement.

With these gloves designed for beginners, you can practice hard without feeling any toughness in your hands. To help you start training right away, the product comes with a wash bag and hand wraps, as well. The microfiber mesh thumb will absorb sweat from your palm to make your practice sessions comfortable.


13. Training And Sparring Kickboxing Gloves For Men And Women From Starpro:

This product from Starpro is offered in different color combinations. Along with base white, you can choose black, blue, or flour pink-colored gloves. As against color and design, you will be particular about safety. With pre-curved two-piece injection molded foam padding, you can get better protection. The padding will safeguard your thumb and knuckles. Most importantly, it will happen without any compromise on comfort. These gloves will disperse the shock along for preventing injuries to the wrist and hand. The injection-molded padding has been designed to sit in your hands comfortably. The mesh in these gloves is hydra-flow moisture-wicking. It will keep your gloves fresh, free of odor. For added softness, the palms in these gloves are lined with foam. The wrap around closing strap will help you experience a snug-fitting. You can enjoy your fullest boxing potential without having to worry about the durability of the product.

With these gloves, you can improve your progress as a boxer. It will happen because of the shock protecting foam padding. To ensure stability for safe boxing sessions, the gloves offer secure wraparound strap closing. For longer use, these gloves will keep your hands cooler with Hydra flow mesh. The objective of Starpro is to help you engage harder to reach your goals at a faster pace. Along with 24/7 customer service, you will also get a three-month warranty on these gloves.

These gloves have been designed for intermediate and advanced-level trainees.


14. Kickboxing Sparring Gloves From Cheerwing:

Kickboxing Sparring Gloves From Cheerwing

These gloves from Cheerwing have used microfiber synthetic leather. So, it offers features like hydrolysis, pollution, and scratch resistance. With these things, these gloves are long-lasting and durable. The gloves come with high-quality velvet lining, thereby providing a better wicking effect. Even, it ensures better hand breathability and ventilation. The product has been made with triple-layered-foam padding. So, it provides the utmost protection from heavy impact and pressure.

The product has been carefully tailored for ensuring the maximum spacing between fingers and thumb. It means that you can hold a powerful fist without hurting. These gloves are suitable for sparring training, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and boxing. Further, the extra-long and extra-thick wrist strap ensures that you can easily put on these gloves. Even, you can easily take them off after use to safeguard your wrists. These professional boxing gloves are offered in different sizes. So, the size requirements of different buyers are met.

The curved-designed thumb ensures that you can move the fist freely within the gloves. In turn, you can expect outstanding protection during competition. Even you can expect the same during your training sessions. To get rid of moisture and sweat, the product has been designed with breathable holes. For better wicking effect, the product adopts high-quality velvet lining.


15. Stormbringer Ii Leather Boxing Gloves From Anthem Athletics:

Stormbringer Ii Leather Boxing Gloves From Anthem Athletics

Right at the first view, you will feel that these gloves are of excellent quality. These gloves are hand-crafted. They are genuine leather products produced in small batches. In addition to ensuring excellence in looks, these gloves are priced affordably. It brings a perfect combination of performance, fit, quality, and style.

The highest-grade full-grain buffalo leather has been used in making these gloves. The high-impact and triple-density foam in these gloves ensure easy and comfortable usage. The other features include meticulous design and reinforced-stitching. The breathable mesh panel and Velcro closure are added features. Another beautiful thing about these gloves is that the manufacturer has used real leather. To ensure the right fit, Anthem Athletics offers a product sizing and fit guide.

The manufacturer of this product believes in its creation of the top-performing gloves. So, they stand by their product and assure 100% satisfaction on the quality. With this belief, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on their product.


Now, you can make anyone choice from those mentioned above, the top 15 variants that we have shared here. But, wait, before you make your choice, you should gather some more information. Here are some useful tips to help you gain better insights.

Useful Tips In Selecting Boxing Gloves For Women:

We know that before you choose the right pair of boxing gloves, you will have a lot of questions in your mind. Let us try and find answers to some of them here:

1. Which Gloves Do I Need?

You will have to arrive at the answer to this question. But, for this, you will have to find answers to the questions listed below:

  • How to know the suitable size of gloves?
  • How to know the appropriate weight of gloves?
  • How to select the right materials?
  • What type of gloves will suit you?
  • What to wear under gloves?
  • ?What to know about the pricing?

Let us help you find the right answer to these questions. These answers will help before you choose the right pair of gloves for your boxing needs:

2. How To Know The Suitable Size Of Gloves?

It is essential to ensure that the gloves you choose should be fit enough. Also, it should provide the flexibility for movements as well. Further, it should not fall away when you box. The main sizes you will come across are small, medium, and large. As the dimensions do not come as standard sizes, it is better to put on gloves before you shop. If you shop online, ensure it is fitting. Otherwise, return and get a replacement of the previous or the next size. In case you fall between the size categories, you can also try to secure the gloves using hand wraps.

3. How To Know The Suitable Weight Of Gloves?

Once you are aware of the suitable size, you should focus on the weight of the gloves. The level of protection and padding it offers will decide the weight of the gloves. Heavier gloves will be more padded. However, it will provide the best protection for beginners. Experienced players generally go for lightweight models. They do this to ensure comfort when engaged in competitive matches. The weights are generally specified as ounces, and it ranges from 6 to 18 ounces. Here are some details to help:

  • 6-8 Oz Gloves: Suites professionals and competitors, and these are lightweight gloves.
  • 10 Oz Gloves: Ideal for those engaged in all-round training. There will be pad work and light bag in the gloves in this weight range. At this weight, the gloves will help with speed when boxing.
  • 12 Oz Gloves: It is right for sparring. The features of gloves at this weight level are right knuckle and hand protection.
  • 14 Oz Gloves: It is for all-round training and sparring. It will not tire your hands due to its lightweight. It will also offer a good knuckle and hand protection.
  • 16 Oz Gloves: These gloves are for heavy boxers and heavy bag work. Large gloves that are heavily padded are the features of these gloves.
  • 18 Oz Gloves: It is for heavy bag work and improving overall performance. It will increase stamina. Also, it will help with building muscular endurance in the arms and shoulders.

4. How To Select The Right Materials?

The answer to this question relies on the type of boxing you start. In general, leather is the best as it will last longer. Further, it will easily get used to you such that you can quickly gain confidence in your sport. If you are on a budget, it would be a wise idea to go for a pair of gloves made out of genuine leather.

If you plan to box for fitness purposes, you can go for a good pair of PU Gloves. It means going for polyurethane coated gloves with nylon will help. It will also cost you less. For added convenience, in both materials, Velcro straps will be the best choice. This type of strap will help you easily put on and remove the gloves. You need not have to look for the help of another person if the gloves have Velcro strap closure. Let us gather details about the pros and cons of different materials. They are used in making the best women’s boxing gloves:

a. Leather:


  • Breathable
  • Better Quality
  • Lasts longer


  • The size can stretch over time
  • Expensive

b. Vinyl:


  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean


  • Not durable compared to leather
  • moisture can stay inside the gloves

c. PU:


  • Non-shredding
  • Affordable


  • Not as durable as vinyl or leather

So, consider the options mentioned above when it comes to the material. Accordingly, make the right choice. Also, check whether the inside of the gloves come with a fabric lining. Only then, it will create a barrier between the pads in the gloves, and you sweat when you train. In turn, you will feel more comfortable and hygienic. You can choose gloves with open-finger design. It means that you can check whether the thumb is not attached to the lining. This is yet another aspect to keep you comfortable when using the best women’s boxing gloves.

What Type Of Gloves Will Suit You?

Aesthetics, brands, and colors are essential for you when selecting the gloves. You should also give importance to the style and type of gloves. When you search for gloves, you will come across gloves for training. Also, you will find gloves for sparring, MMA gloves, and bag gloves. Here are some details about the types:

1. Bag Gloves:

These gloves are for hitting light bags. It will help with increasing your speed steadily. This type generally comes with light padding.

2. MMA Gloves:

As the name implies, these are for MMA fighters. It will also help with wrestling, grappling, and even for speed work. This type is known for better protection.

3. Sparring Gloves:

As the name implies, they are for sparring. You can use this type for all-round training. It will help with heavy bag work and for workout sessions. Sparring gloves generally have additional padding as compared to other types.

Our suggestion is to have a pair of gloves for sparring and another pair for training. The reason is that they wear down in different ways. You might be prepared to use a worn glove during competition. But, your boxing partner might not be ready.

What To Wear Under Gloves?

Of course, gloves will provide the protection you need when rightly chosen. But, you will have to invest in wraps under gloves. They will support your hands, wrists, and knuckles. The thing to remember here is that there are around 200 bones in your hand. When they get repeated punches without proper protection, they can turn fragile. In turn, they can be damaged. So, here are some reasons why you should use wraps under the gloves:

  • For soaking up the sweat to extend the life of the gloves
  • For absorbing blood from scraped knuckles
  • For additional protection/support to your hands

The most familiar type of wraps widely used is made out of elastic. They are breathable with cooling properties. Even, they have an antimicrobial action to fight odors.

What To Know About The Pricing?

When you plan to shop for the first pair of gloves, you can go for an affordable variant. The reason is that at this juncture, you will not be sure about taking up the practice to further levels.
If you are interested in getting on, it is worth to go for a pair that is worth in the mid-range cost. When you choose in this bracket, you will get the benefits when you progress. Once you improve, you should not consider the cost but comfort and safety. The reason is that you will be engaged in some heavy boxing. There should not be any safety concerns. You should choose the best women’s boxing gloves.

Conclusion – What’s your pick for the best women’s boxing gloves?

The best women’s boxing gloves are not hard to find. But, you should give the best importance to the suitability. Of course, initially, you cannot identify the comfort. But, continue practicing for some days with the gloves. Once you do this, you can somewhat judge whether the gloves you have selected is right. Otherwise, do not hesitate to move on with a new pair of gloves. When you do this, you can consider only the options that we have mentioned in this review.