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Best Boxing Headgears 2020 ? Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. RDX Head Guard 2. Everlast Headgear 3. Ringside Headgear

Wearing a headgear ensures one?s full security, preventing major face injuries in the long run. Protection, comfort, and strength, is all acquired by wearing good headgear. Boxing headgear is a padded half helmet which provides maximum shock absorption for you, while boxing.

Also, it ensures the safety of the skull bone. Given below is a list of the best boxing headgear that one can use to attain full protection for the head while sparring on the stage. This list will help you decide the headgear that will best suit you.


What Is Headgear?

Items that are worn on the head as a means of protection, while playing sports are known as headgear. The initial purpose of headgear is to decrease the possibility of head injuries. Headgear consists of different features which help acquire the strength and protection to fight the opponent.

Boxing is a sport where two people compete against each other by throwing punches and wearing protective shields to defend oneself. This sport requires a lot of planning and safety measures to safeguard oneself from harmful and dangerous injuries which take place.

The main significance of wearing headgear is to protect yourself from various injuries that can be incurred during a miscalculated evasive move. Headgear will not only help protect from concussions and head injuries, but will also help in fighting back stronger with with full potential.

According to the Association of Ringside Physicians, headgears are extremely necessary for better protection while boxing.

a. Advantages Of Wearing A Headgear

  • Helps in avoiding cuts
  • Safeguards the head, the nose and the chin
  • Decreases the chances of severe bruising

b. Disadvantages Of Wearing A Headgear

  • Decreases the visibility
  • Makes a bigger target
  • Makes a false sense of full-protection

c. Characteristics Of Headgear

Different headgears are made for different sports according to their necessities.

1. Boxing For Competitions

The best boxing headgear for competing usually include features such as streamlined padding, lightweight technology, and more visibility, which will help you fight with more freedom and strength. The padding eliates the feeling of security and protection, while the lightweight technology helps fight with better balance.

2. Boxing or Sparring

Sparring headgears or face savers are manufactured by thicker and wiser padding for safeguarding the delicate areas like the head, the temples, the nose and the chin. This headgear also helps provide more visibility compared to the competitive headgears. Due to better visibility, defensive maneuvers become easier.

3. Muay Thai

Muay Thai or kickboxing headgear has a characteristic feature, the chin protection. It also offers protection from knee and elbow strikes, and also helps evade high kicks. Thus, this headgear ensures maximum protection while kickboxing.

4. MMA

Kickboxing and MMA headgear is quite similar, MMA headgears usually come in two different paddings that are foam and gel padding. Usually, a headgear with a strong and firm padding is said to be the best headgear to wear while playing MMA. This is because; this type of headgear prevents the player from losing balance of their body.

Top 10 Best Headgears 2020

1. RDX Head Guard For Boxing

RDX Best Boxing HeadgearWith the RDX headgear, you don?t have to worry about the headgear shifting around on the head. This headgear clings to your head firmly, which in return helps protect your head from various injuries.

This headgear helps resist all sorts of pushes/punches you receive while boxing giving the boxer a benefit of complete security. The RDX head guard is specifically designed for boxing and is used by several professional boxers fighters too.

The headgear comes with top-quality Maya Hide leather, which is not only very long-lasting, but also very sturdy. The zero-impact head guard comes with a triple padded Tri-Slab.

It also has a Shell shock lining across each slab. This helps absorb the shock. Along with this, it has a supreme-shock absorption feature.

It comes with a removable face guard which makes it very convenient for you to use. This faceguard is made up of an excellent plastic material which is lightweight and also helps in safeguarding the face from direct impacts. You can also modify the head guard with ease.

So, if you?re looking for headgear which will ensure your full safety, buy the RDX headguard as it is one of the best boxing headgears, and definitely will not disappoint you. It will let you have full control and security of your body.


2. Everlast Everfresh Headgear

Everlast Everfresh HeadgearEverlast Everfresh Headgear is both durable and tough. This headgear is definitely one of the best Boxing Headgear. It comes with a warranty of 120 days, if and only if it hasn?t been miss-handled.

This is why this product is worth its price. It is not only more durable but can also be fixed, if damaged in the first 120 days. It is an impeccable product for regular use. One can strive for better results and fight like a pro with this Everlast Everfresh Headgear.

This headgear ensures full safety of your face. It has a closed-cell technology which will protect your head at all costs, which is why you don’t have to fear damage your face. It comes with a speed bag which has a rough and tough Everhide.

It comes with cheek protectors which not only help you view better but also help guard your face. It has an adjustable chin strap which provides you with full comfort.

It also has an adjustable closure fit which allow you to adjust your headgear accordingly, and will help you reach your full potential. It comes in the beautiful shade of black which is why this headgear will not only ensure your safety but will also make you look tough and competitive.

This product is suitable for both men and women. It is made of an impeccable top-quality Durahide Material, and is just the right headgear which will provide full immunity to your body and will let you unleash your full potential in a boxing match.

This material will also prevent the headgear from slipping off, when it is exposed to a lot of sweat.


3. Ringside Competition Like Boxing Headgear

Ringside Competition Like Boxing HeadgearThe Headgear by the company, Ringside, has some of the most exquisite features. It comes with a fancy sleek contoured design which not only looks aesthetic but performs phenomenally.

Along with this, it has curved cheek protection features which will help protect your face from any sort of injuries while boxing. This cheek protection will also provide you with a better defense mechanism. This top-quality product is a very budget-friendly product.

It is not suitable for competitions but is definitely one of the best boxing headgear for practicing. If you?re looking to buy a different headgear for practicing because you don?t want your competition headgear to damage, then this is definitely a very handy headgear.

It will help you become your best version. It is made up of a long-lasting leather which assures a brilliant performance. The product helps maintain focus due to the laminated foam system. It is also an excellent product to use while working out at home or gym. Be it Boxing, MMA or Muay Thai, this headgear will not disappoint you.

The durability of this headgear is exquisite. It has a securing assurance ,due to which you will be provided with maximum protection. This gorgeous Headgear comes in the aesthetic shade of blue. The headgear is very lightweight, and will help keep your head straight.

You can now practice increasing your stamina and strength with this amazing headgear. Along with this, you can learn to build your confidence which will in turn help better your boxing skills.


4. Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Venum Challenger 2.0 HeadgearThe exquisite Venum challenger headgear is among the few of the best Boxing headgear out there. It comes with a top quality design to ensure complete safety of every part of your body, even the most delicate areas such as head: temples, chin, and cheeks.

With this protection, you can beat your opponent as you will receive the best protection and stability. Not only does it make you look tougher, it also comes with an astonishingly incredible performance.

This exquisite product is made in Thailand. It is made up of Skintex leather, giving you the fullest security. It comes at a very affordable price which is one of the major reasons to buy this product.

This is an extremely lightweight product which will not only help move your head flexibly, but will also help view clearly without having to face any difficulty. Some of its features include security and comfort- comes with Velcro to help adjust your headgear with ease, optimizes shock absorption- well-built contoured foam to help prevent shock, 180 degrees vision- helps you view everything with full protection, and top opening- there is an opening at the top to help prevent humidity.

Preventing humidity can in turn help increase the focus while boxing which will lessen your chances of injuries. It comes in shades of black, red, pink, yellow and blue. It is convenient for both MMA and boxing.

It comes in a size made to fit everybody. The neoprene Velcro helps adjust the strap in both ways. This is a highly recommended headgear as it is of top quality. Also, it is suitable for both, men and women.


5. Sanjoin Boxing Headgear

Sanjoin Boxing HeadgearBe it MMA or boxing, the SANJOIN boxing headgear is unquestionably the best boxing headgear you will find. Some of its features include shock absorption, full visibility, DuraShock foam, hook and loop course system, etc., truly make this headgear worth the buy.

All these features combined, help you fight with your full strength. This headgear will thus help you reach your full potential giving you immunity and stability.
This SANJOIN headgear comes with the double density cheek feature which ensures full-protection of both your head and face. The cheek protector also provide a wide viewing angle.

The impact DuraShock foam resists any shock received due to a strong push against your body. It has a shock-absorbent gel tech technology which will help calm your fears, and give full protection to the sensitive parts of your body such as head, temples, chin and cheeks.

It is made of top-quality leather which can be used for a long period of time without the fear of it getting damaged. Along with these features, it is sweat and water-resistant which is why this is the most comfortable headgear.

The sweat resistance will help stay more focused on the game and will prevent the headgear from slipping. The hook and loop technology comprise of sleek contoured design which will protect your checks at all cost.

It has a unique head capsize which fits everybody. The height-adjustable strap helps you wear the headgear according to your comfort. Lastly, it is convenient for both men and women.


6. Ringside Deluxe Face Saver Boxing Gear

Ringside Deluxe Face Saver Boxing GearThe Ringside Deluxe Face Saver Boxing gear simply the best boxing headgear that ensures complete security of your face and head. The Face- saver helps prevent getting hurt from the punches thrown by the opponent.

This face-saver keeps your head firm which is why, this is the best product you?ll ever find for boxing or MMA. This Ringside Deluxe face-saver boxing gear comes with various impeccable features.

This face-saver headgear provides a clear and complete vision which can be a plus point while competing. It comes with an adjustable rear closure, and lace top which allows you to have full convenience and comfort.

It also comes with a moisture wicking liner which helps drying the water and sweat fast whilst keeping your head strong. It is very lightweight which adds on to more mobility of your body.

The shield acts as a barrier against all sorts of punches. This impeccable deluxe face saver comes in two different sizes which makes it extremely convenient for you.

It is extremely suitable for both men and women which is why, it is simply a masterpiece. This stunning headgear is just the right headgear for maximum efficiency and security of oneself.


7. RDX Headgear For Boxing

RDX Headgear For BoxingPresenting to you the remarkable RDX headgear. This headgear is undoubtedly the best boxing headgear. It comes with distinguished features which will leave you awestruck. This elegant headgear is not only budget-friendly but is also a very secure product for boxing.

Not only will it ensure full safety of one?s head and face, but will also help fight with your highest stamina. Along with these features, the headgear looks extremely pleasing and comes with incredible quality.

The RDX headgear ensures full security and visibility for martial arts sparring, Muay Thai, boxing or MMA. It comes with a cushioned face guard which will give you the maximum benefit of comfort and protection.

It has a protective helmet which ensures the protection of delicate areas around the head, cheeks and chin. The headgear is handcrafted and is made from top-quality leather which ensures the durability of the product.

The shell-shock gel technology helps evenly allot impact. It is made up of a unique R-lock system which helps adjust the clasp comfortably to protect your head at all cost.

It also has a triple padding system which helps resist shock. Some of its other features include G-core technology for maximum security, padded ear protection, obstruction-free sight and ergonomic design which make this headgear a highly valued product.

These features enhance the headgear, and make it the very best boxing headgear.


8. Elite Sports Boxing Headgear

Elite Sports Boxing HeadgearIf you?re looking for a boxing headgear which will help reach your full potential with ensured protection, the Elite sports boxing headgear is a must buy. It is manufactured by a long-lasting PU leather material. This gorgeous headgear is very sturdy, and is very easy to clean.

The main features of this headgear are a tight fit, ideal shock absorption technology, 180-degree complete vision and high-speed technology. Along with these miraculous features, the ELITE headgear comes with high-quality characteristics and looks marvelous.

This RDX headgear comes with an optimum performance technology- a 180-degree vision technology which helps see clearly. It comes with 3 different adjustable ways- adjustable chin straps which help fight with ease, head cap size and head height to adjust your headgear according to your comfort.

The protective headgear helps maintain focus along with full comfort of your head and face. This excellent headgear is convenient for both training as well as competing.

The shock absorption technology helps resist shocks and helps safeguard your face from any punches thrown by the opponent. This headgear can be used for multiple sports such as MMA, boxing and Muay Thai.

It comes in unique shades of black-blue, black-white, black-red, black-black, black-pink, black-orange, black-purple and black-golden giving you a flexible variety to choose from. It is convenient for both men and women.


9. Ringside Competition Like Boxing Headgear

Ringside Competition Like Boxing HeadgearThe headgear, by the company Ringside, has few of the most unique and remarkable features. It comprises of a pleasing sleek contoured design. Along with this, it has a curved cheek protection features which will help protect your face from any sort of injuries while boxing. This is why you won’t have to lose focus by worrying about getting hurt.

This high-quality product is very budget-friendly, which is why it is a must buy considering all its features. If you want to buy a different headgear for training because you don?t want your competing headgear to damage, then this is definitely a very functional headgear. It is not convenient for competing, but is simply one of the best boxing headgear for training.

It will help you reach your highest potential. It is manufactured by long-lasting leather material which assures a brilliant performance. The product helps maintain focus with the laminated foam system. It is also a magnificent product to use while working out at home or gym.

Be it Boxing, MMA or Muay Thai, this headgear will not disappoint you. The headgear is not heavy which will ensure to keep your head firm and ready.

One can now train to expand their strength with this brilliant headgear. This marvelous Headgear comes in the beautiful shade of blue.


10. Hayabusa T3 MMA And Boxing Headgear

Hayabusa T3 MMA And Boxing HeadgearThis extraordinary boxing headgear comes with a solid fit that certifies the utmost protection of your head and face. This headgear has the ability to make you stronger and better to fight your opponent.

It is a very lightweight headgear that will ensure full stability and security. The lightweight feature will also help maintain a balance of your body while boxing.

It comes with a T-cross strap technology which gives you a convenient fit. This headgear helps you stay flexible and also helps provide complete visibility without having to struggle.

It comes with a shield that ensures full-face coverage which will help protect your face at any cost. It helps give a wider and clear view due to which you can fight with full potential by taking safety measures.

This headgear will help you push harder to reach your full strength and will help you compete with all the power you have. It also comes with a crush zone core technology which helps resist shock and helps safeguard your body from various injuries.

This brilliant headgear is suitable for both men and women. It is also convenient for various sports such as Boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai. This headgear comes with a long-lasting technology which is why this product is worth buying as it?ll save your money.


Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Boxing Headgear

Selecting a headgear can be a difficult process. It is necessary to select a headgear which will suit you, and also fulfills all your needs simultaneously. however, the most important factor for determining the headgear should be the quality of protection it provides.. The following features should be considered while buying the best boxing headgear:

1. Certification

If you?re preparing to participate in boxing in amateur competitions, the highly important point is to buy a USA Boxing certified headgear. To know if the headgear is certified, look for a white rectangular patch that will be sewn somewhere along with the padding. You can also see the description and features mentioned online, it will be mentioned if the certification isn?t seen in the pictures. The certified headgear will help build your confidence due to the top-quality material it is made up of.

2. Protective And Convenient Fit

A very necessary component while buying a headgear is to see if it provides maximum comfort and protection. Picking a headgear which fits you correctly, prevents situations of loosening/sliding of headgear during sparring, losing vision and can also decrease the chances of head injuries. The material of the headgear also matters. A smooth vinyl lining will make the headgear slippery when there is excessive sweat. The microfiber lining is extremely better compared to the smooth vinyl one as it will lessen the chances of the headgear slipping.

3. Chin Straps And Laces Vs Velcro

While buying a headgear, you should always see the type of chin straps and closures the headgear includes. A buckle style chin strap is more effective than a Velcro one. The hook and loop style straps are very flexible and can adjust themselves according to your needs and comfort whilst a buckle might not be very handy. Along with this, lace-up tops headgears are more powerful than a hook and loop closure. If you come across stretching of the headgear, then it can be very dangerous for the fighter.

4. Padding Coverage Vs Visibility

This is one of the most essential factors that determine a good headgear. A better padding coverage can help with the protection of the sensitive areas of your face, eyes, nose and head but will decrease your angle of vision. More padding does not help with defending yourself, which is why you should pick a headgear which has smaller cheek pads and no chin pads. This will help have a balance between viewing and defending yourself.

5. Foam Padding Vs Gel

Gel padding is considered to be better than foam for boxing gloves, MMA gloves and kickboxing gloves. The gel doesn?t go through any sort of compressions after continuous hits. It also helps defend better when a force is put on the glove while boxing. It also helps feel less pain and pressure while fighting which is why a lot of boxers consider Gel padding a better alternative.

6. Size And Weight

Picking the right-sized headgear is a very important factor while buying a headgear. A heavier and thicker padded headgear can make you an easy target. Also, you may have to struggle while moving and fighting. Whereas, thinner and lighter padding comes with limited cushioning but can help you fight harder and stronger and can also help make you feel more confident. So, picking a headgear that balances both the size and weight is extremely important.

7. Women?s Boxing Headgear

Women and men both pretty much have the same components and factors for buying the best boxing headgear. Choosing quality gear is very essential if affordable. You can always test headgears in gyms and pick according to which one is the most comfortable one for you. Other factors such as size, weight, padding coverage, etc. are the same for women and men.

8. A Guide For Headgear Sizing

Headgears often come in four different sizes starting with small and regular, up to Large and X-large. Picking the right and exact fit headgear can be difficult at first, but when found, will help you fight with all your strength. To pick the right headgear, you should measure the circumference of your head above the eyebrows and the upper part of your skull. This measurement can hence be compared to the size chart.

Size Charts Of Different Companies

1. Ringside Headgear Sizes

  • Small- up to 22 inches
  • Regular- 22 inches to 23.5 inches
  • Large- 23.5 inches to 25 inches
  • Extra-large- 25 inches and up
2. Everlast Headgear Sizes
  • Small- up to 21.5 inches
  • Regular- 21.5 inches to 22.25 inches
  • Large- 22.25 inches to 23 inches
  • Extra-large- 23 inches and up
3. Title Boxing Headgear Sizes
  • Small-20.75 inches to 21.5 inches
  • Regular- 21.5 inches to 22.25 inches
  • Large- 22.25 inches to 23 inches
  • Extra-large- 23 inches and up
4. Winning Headgear Sizes

FG-2900 and FG-5000

  • Medium- 21.0 to 23.0 inches
  • Large- 22.5 to 24.5 inches
  • 2 large- 23.5 to 25.5 inches
  • 3 large- 25.5 to 28.0 inches
5. H-1600
  • Small-28.8 to 22.1 inches
  • Medium- 21.0 to 23.0 inches
  • Large- 22.5 to 24.5 inches
  • 2 large- 23.5 to 25.5 inches
  • 3 large- 25.0 to 28.0 inches
6. H-1900
  • Free size – 21.0 to 24.5 inches


Best Boxing Headgear – What’s your pick?

To conclude, headgears are a very necessary component for a fighter. To establish complete protection from head injuries, one should always take safety measures to wear headgear.

Not only will it provide full safety, but will also help reach your full potential and fight back with confidence, stability and stamina.

Famous physicians recommend wearing headgears for complete protection of one?s body. Wearing headgear can minimize the chances of head injuries which can lead to a lot of problems in the future.

Headgears will also help keep your head firm and straight while boxing letting you attain compete for control over your body. Safety comes before everything else, hence Headgears are a must.

The above tips on buying the best boxing headgear will hopefully help everybody attain the knowledge they need to buy a suitable headgear for them. The above information has been written after carefully analyzing every aspect and component of wearing the best boxing headgear.